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Specialising in delivering unforgettable dining and drinking experiences for over 100,000 customers across Scotland.

Established in

Over 12+ venues across Scotland, from Glasgow to Edinburgh and in many of the towns in between.


Proudly a family business since 2001.

We are Bow Hospitality.

If you frequent Scotland’s bar and dining scene, there is a high chance that you have visited one of our venues. We are the team behind some of Scotland’s best known and most loved hospitality brands, and we proudly have something for everyone.

From the fiery tastes of Mezcal Glasgow, to the party-perfect Saint Judes, to fine dining at The Merchant Steakhouse, and to your local bar and pub, at Bow Hospitality we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional experiences for every customer, on every occasion!

William Lee, Executive Chef of the Bow Hospitality Group


Our story

Our History

Purchased by the Bowman family in 2001, our first venue was Bar Bliss, situated in Kirkintilloch. In 2010, we began launching pubs and bars, before moving on to restaurants such as Mezcal and The Scallion.

Our Present

We currently own and operate twelve of Scotland’s most loved bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. We employ over 180 people and are headquartered in Glasgow. The Merchant Steakhouse, the Hielan Jessie, Maples Giffnock, and The Montford are some of the most recent venues within our portfolio.

Our Future

Fundamentally, we believe that hospitality is about delivering unforgettable experiences. As we begin branching out into Edinburgh, we remain driven by our attention to detail, and passion for creating cherished memories for you and your loved ones.


We are proud to be Bow.

Featured Experiences

Whether you are looking for a delectable morning brunch to start your day, a Sunday Roast, or to host your next big Birthday party, Bow Hospitality has something for everyone. 

Maples Giffnock

Brunch House In Giffnock

The Merchant Steakhouse

The ultimate steakhouse restaurant experience in Glasgow

Saint Judes

A blend of American & Scottish cuisine and Glasgow's leading function hire provider

Mezcal Glasgow

Scotland's most authentic Mexican Dining experience

The Scallion

The West End's favourite gastropub, located on Great Western Road

The Alpen Lodge

Glasgow City Centre's favourite bar. Located just seconds from Glasgow Central station.

The Hielan Jessie

A traditional East End Bar and a hub for the local community for over 30 years

Crown Bar

A traditional local pub and Rangers bar based in Bellshill.

Bar Bliss

The first venue within the Bow Hospitality Group. Opened in 2001.

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